Saturday, July 19, 2008


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Right, so, onto business.

We all know that classic movie, "What the Bleep..." and it's main thesis that we create the universe (with one of the opening lines "why do we always recreate the same reality?")

A lot of people take this at face value, a sad sign of the times. Somehow, the movie was able to convince people that since a 'probability wave' collapses to a single point when a particle is observed along with other characteristics (such as spin) that this obviously means we create reality by looking at it. Of course, if anyone were to actually stop to think about this idea they would hopefully run into some kinks with the theory.

One of the first questions I'm sure would be what if there are no minds around to do the observing? What exactly created reality then? If you accept Bleep's thesis, it seems right to say that you think reality began with some form of conscious life which could observe (otherwise nothing could exist since nothing was 'creating reality'). Of course, this runs into major problems such as being incompatible with nearly every theory of the universe (ex. Big Bang didn't happen apparently). Also, evolution is a little shaky now, since the first life forms would have to be conscious. Basically everything popped into existence relatively recently!

Also, the way the movie presents this idea seems to be that we have some sort of say in how reality works. This is apparent with, again, the line "Why do we recreate..." assuming we can do otherwise if we wished, with their example that writing on yourself will suddenly make you healthy, or maybe even with the 'experiment' Bleep showed in which words were written and crystals formed (the idea was that we can alter reality by trying to communicate a certain idea... and the universe 'feels' it). Let's give the thesis a little bit a ground to work though. Let's assume that reality is somehow shaped when it is observed (as this article suggests). This still doesn't mean that we can impose our will on reality, and that's what the Bleep was going for. We still have no control over what reality is like, it is out of our hands. The mistake Bleep made, was to assume we had some say. Damn false assumptions.

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