Monday, August 18, 2008

Shave off those crazy people...

I'm sure this is making its rounds around the blogosphere: WWJD - he'd lower gas prices! This is an article in which a group claims that their prayers for lower gas prices have been answered by Jesus.

Of course, this would be a great time to pull out Occam's Razor. There could be several explanations as to why gas prices have gone down, and it's in our best interest to find the most plausible cause.

God may have been the cause, but that requires us explain God - some supernatural being, totally mysterious, totally immaterial, etc. We could also attribute the recent fall in gas prices to a naturally occuring pattern or maybe even supply and demand. Both of these are better answers because they don't appeal to anything supernatural. They can both be witnessed, recorded, and studied as naturally occuring phenomena! This makes them simpler, at least compared to God, so we should place our bets with them instead.

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